As a Licensing Solutions Provider (LSP) of Microsoft, EBLA specializes in a full range of enterprise desktop and server solutions from Microsoft.

EBLA is also an Advanced Infrastructure solution partner for Microsoft in Kuwait and Qatar. EBLA has signed Microsoft Enterprise Agreements with the Governments of Kuwait and Qatar for delivering, configuring and supporting Microsoft software across all ministries. EBLA runs a Helpdesk support service for more than 100,000 Government employees in these two countries, helping troubleshooting and solving all problems with Microsoft software reported by the Government employees.
EBLA offers software licenses and professional services for the following Microsoft Software solutions.

  • Enterprise Portals, B2B, e-Solutions and e-Services
  • e-Payment Solution
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Web Services
  • Enterprise Workflow
  • Content and Document Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Intranet Solutions for Collaboration
  • Business Process Automation

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