Zero-Trust Security Program for Modern Workplace/ Modern Logon

Large organizations today face challenges from information Leakage. Electronic communications and files are ubiquitous, and the ease of transmitting information through email, portable media and internet portals, among other digital methods, increases this risk. Leaks of confidential information can result in lost revenue, compromised ability to compete, unfairness in purchasing and hiring decisions, diminished customer confidence, regulatory noncompliance and more.

Qatar Government has a 2030 vision towards staying connected, being digital, advancing intelligence, operating as 100% paperless, enhancing optimization and rationale through agile informative decisions. To start, delivering on those ambitions, Qatar Government has partnered with several technology vendors to embark digital initiatives.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in alignment with Microsoft and EBLA Computer Consultancy were carried out the initiative to empower Government of Qatar with latest productivity and security platform as part of Government Zero-Trust Security Program (Modern Workplace/ Modern Logon) an initiative towards building a secure modern workplace in Qatar.

This step towards transformation includes deployment of Microsoft 365 – E5, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace platform and Modern Logon, across the government of Qatar for more than 80 entities. EBLA plays a vital role in helping public sector customers migrate their end-to-end IT infrastructure to the cloud, and secure infrastructure, harnessing the power Microsoft 365 E5.