While the first point of contact usually remains an EBLA Support engineer usually resident at customer site, the second level of support is requested through the EBLA Help Desk facility who will respond to customers’ calls and initiate support processes.

The EBLA Helpdesk will be responsible for receiving and responding to all problems reported by customer user personnel. It will serve as a single point of contact for all customer users.

All problems not resolved by the Help Desk operators will then be assigned to qualified and experienced EBLA engineers who will provide third line support, according to the type of the problem and who shall pursue the problem until they are resolved to the satisfaction of the user.

Problems will be escalated to the Software vendor if it relates to a software malfunction that cannot be rectified by EBLA.

In all cases, EBLA will try and maintain agreed service levels and ensure that quality support services are provided to customers and the reported problems are resolved speedily and expeditiously.