Genus Technologies is a systems integrator specializing in the capture, management, integration and delivery of enterprise content. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, Genus is an IBM Premier Partner and Kofax Platinum Certified Solution Provider.
As a business and technical consulting organization, we had a choice. Many consulting companies, in a desire to be all things to all customers, have diluted their resources and intellectual capital across a too-broad range of technologies and services. These firms face a daunting challenge to achieve and maintain the depth of domain and technical knowledge needed to serve their customers’ needs.

Genus Technologies chose a different path. Instead of being merely competent delivering many technologies, we decided to limit the scope of our consultancy so we could develop and maintain the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to consistently deliver exceptional solutions that transform our customers’ businesses and provide sustainable competitive advantage..
Genus Technologies provides complete solutions to capture, manage, integrate and deliver content so organizations can share information and work together effectively. Our solutions provide significant business value by increasing operating efficiency, reducing internal processing costs and allowing businesses to work faster and be more responsive.

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