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EBLA Computer Consultancy Company was established in 1993 with offices in Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai). EBLA is one of the largest professionally managed IT companies in the Middle East and a leading systems integrator company in the Arab Gulf region today. EBLA’s key focus is to sell and support a full range of Enterprise software solutions from two of the leading software vendors in the world – IBM and Microsoft.

EBLA has over 70% share of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market in Kuwait and Qatar. EBLA also has Enterprise Agreements (EA) for Microsoft software solutions with the Governments of Kuwait and Qatar.

With over 300 professional and highly experienced employees, EBLA is financially strong and viable with a closed Shareholder status, and over the last 10 years EBLA has achieved consistent profitability and business growth of over 10% year on year.

Since its inception, EBLA continues to be managed by the same team of the initial owners and managers, thus retaining the Company’s internal intellectual property rights within the organization. Additionally, EBLA is an ISO 9001:2008 quality certified Company. This certification further strengthens our commitment to customer satisfaction and our dedication to continuous improvement of our business operations.

Message from CEO and Founder

Hilal Arnaoot
EBLA CEO and Founder

Welcome to the official Website of EBLA!

We are a leading IT solutions vendor in the Middle East focused on delivering a range of business solutions to our customers in the region. EBLA supports a full range of Enterprise software solutions from two of the leading software vendors in the world – IBM and Microsoft. Our portfolio includes other value-based solutions that are supported by world-leading technology vendors like Computer Associates, Adobe, Citrix and McLaren.

I see our strength coming from two main sources: a) our focus on top class internationally reputed enterprise business solutions as the cornerstone of our customers’ business success, and b) our commitment to customer care, and the sustained and meaningful relationships that we seek to develop with our customers.

Our employees remain our most valuable resource. The EBLA team comprises highly educated and technology-savvy individuals, who have established a track record of working together to design, implement and maintain state-of-the-art, cutting edge solutions.

Explore our Web site and see for yourself why so many companies have chosen the value-based, customer-focused enterprise software and services alternative – EBLA.


Hilal Arnaoot,
EBLA CEO and Founder


EBLA Management
Hilal Arnaoot
CEO, Founder
Naseem Jaberi
Walid Hijazi
Nabil Nuseibeh
General Manager - Qatar